OKC Sandlot High School Fall Contract (17U)

Vision of OKC Sandlot

Preparing young boys and girls into young men and women through the development of baseball and softball.

Our Organization provides many things that set us apart from other organizations.  We will go above and beyond the normal expectations of a baseball & softball organization. We offer many unique programs and events that players may have the opportunity to experience as a team member.

– Elite instruction in the areas of physical, skill, spiritual, and mental development.

– Provide life opportunities from experiences through the process with being in the organization.

– Elite competitiveness at all levels of play.

Coach’s Core Values

– Unselfish Integrity

– Disciplined Practice Schedules

– Game/Player Management

– Transparency through Communication

– Continuing Education

Player’s Core Values

– Unselfish Integrity

– Passion

– Discipline

– Transparency through Communication

– Obsession with Development in all Areas: Physical, Skill, Spiritual, and Mental

Team’s Core Values

– Integrity through Success and Defeat

– Respect for the Game

– Discipline through Interaction

– Transparency through Communication

– Obsession with being “All In”

What Makes OKC Sandlot Different

Experienced Staff – All of the OKC Sandlot Instructors have had storied high school careers as well as extensive collegiate and/or professional baseball experience. Several have Major League experience, while others have college coaching experience.  They are available for team, group, or private instruction.  Rates vary per instructor and should be discussed with them beforehand.  OKC Sandlot will coordinate Rovers to attend practices and games with teams (will not attend every practice/game, but will be available/scheduled). 

Multi-Team Workouts – Players will have the benefit of practicing and working out with other teams at times to improve game type situations and additional coaches on hand to help develop players. These are set up by individual team coaches.

Access to OKC Sandlot Labs – We host labs that benefit player’s development.  Players will have the opportunity to attend 10-12 labs throughout the year; based on instructor/schedule.  The “dues included” 10-12 labs will be announced approximately 4 weeks ahead of the scheduled date.

Teaching Moments – Teaching Moments will continue in the Fall and Spring seasons, OKC Sandlot will determine trends within the organization to specialize training sessions to focus on those areas. 

Ongoing Player Development – Players/Parents should have ongoing conversations with their coaches on areas of needed improvement.  Coaches should help guide players to the appropriate OKC Sandlot instructor if private lessons are needed/desired.

Weekly Practices – Teams should have weekly practices and utilize our organizational coaches whenever possible.

Marucci Partnership – In 2023, we partnered with Marucci Sports to receive the best opportunity for our organization.  Our contract with them allows players to get the best gear at a discounted rate and wear top-knotch uniforms.

Volunteering/Service – We encourage our teams to give back to the community, centered on volunteerism and service. We encourage volunteer efforts that teams may choose to serve and give back to the community.

Dedicated Web Presence and Communication – Our website is continually evolving to keep our programs/information updated.  Other social media avenues we are on include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.  We use Team App as our official means of communication between OKS Sandlot and players/families.

Player Dues Coverage

We know that this type of baseball & softball experience is a big financial commitment, so we are dedicated to offering the most affordable, yet highest quality program possible for you as parents and for your player.  We do our best to keep the player dues from becoming burdensome but we also provide more on the player development than any other program in the city.

Fall Season – Player Dues for the OKC Sandlot High School Teams: $550

(Fall Season: 1 August 2023 through 1 November 2023)

Deposit: $275 due August 1, 2023 (invoiced)

Second Payment: $275 due September 1, 2023 (auto-withdrawal)



Our Organization expects the absolute best from our staff, coaches, players, and parents.

Coach/Staff Expectations
  • Be responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of their team members, parents, and other fans.
  • Lead by example in being respectful of other players, coaches, fans, and officials at all times.
  • Place the emotional and physical well-being of their players ahead of a personal desire or external pressure to win.
  • Never publicly demean a player, official, opposing coach, or parent.
  • Never knowingly permit an injured player to play or return to the game.
  • Take the initiative in resolving any known or suspected conflict relating to a player or family as quickly as possible.
  • Accept positive and negative feedback graciously.
  • Communicate expectations—including these organization expectations—clearly to players and parents.
Parent Expectations 
  • Trust the coach to coach/manage the team.
  • Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • Let the officials and umpires call the game, remembering that they too are only human and that rarely is the outcome of a game determined by a “bad call.”
  • Demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship at games by using only positive cheers and never laughing at errors or jeering an opponent.
  • Advocate a sports environment that is free of drugs, and abusive language, including profanity, and refrain from their use during events.
  • Assist their athletes to show up to practice and games on time, with proper equipment, ensuring they are ready to play.
  • Direct your athletes to communicate to the coach in advance of any anticipated missed practices, games, or potential injuries.
  • Speak to the coach privately (and not to others) about any issues concerning any aspect of their family or athlete’s participation.
  • Speak to Organization leadership about any issue not adequately resolved with a coach.
  • Players are NOT allowed to pick up with other teams/organizations while under contract.
Player Expectations
  • Be courteous to opposing teams and treat all players, officials, and coaches with respect.
  • Respect the game. Respect Yourself.
  • Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games. Stay composed and exercise “self-control.”
  • Show respect for authority to all officials, whether you agree with a call.
  • Respect the privilege of using playing facilities by cleaning up benches, locker- rooms, stands, and grounds after a practice or game.
  • Be an Encourager.
  • Understand that the TEAM comes before an individual player.
  • Be willing to serve in any role to build TEAM success.
  • Show up for practice on time, with proper equipment and ready to WORK.
  • Make reasonable efforts in advance to be excused from any activities that conflict with practices, games, or team functions.
  • Communicate to the coach ahead of time when you will miss a practice or game, and if you have any injuries.
  • Tell the coach of your concerns or problems instead of talking to others about them.
  • Seek to resolve personal conflicts with teammates. Speak to them first and seek reconciliation.
  • If you do not understand your role on the team talk personally with your coach to gain a better understanding.
  • Players are NOT allowed to pick up with other teams/organizations while under contract.

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