Advanced Velocity Development and Arm Care for Pitchers


Take control of your delivery

What if you could add 6-10+ miles per hour to your fastball? What if you could dramatically improve your core strength and conditioning? What if you could reduce your risk of injury and extend your career? The Prodigy-X program maximizes your performance as pitcher at any level.

Your body can do more on the mound

The problem many pitchers or even position players face when throwing is that their whole body is simply not working efficiently to deliver the baseball with maximum control and velocity. In the short term, this leads to slow or wild pitches, shorter outings, and a loss of confidence. In the long term, it could spell arm injury and even a shortened career.

Throw with confidence

Prodigy-X is the ultimate velocity development and arm care program for pitchers and position players. Prodigy-X has an average velocity gain of almost 6mph in just one month. The unique drills and exercises this program takes your player through will isolate body movements and muscle groups with precision, helping him achieve his maximum potential as a pitcher or position player.

What to Expect

Prodigy-X is an intense program that covers multiple sessions in a 4 week period.  Players will need to commit to be at every session, because they build on each other. Currently available for players: experienced 12U through college.  The program is 12 sessions over 4 weeks.  Class sizes will be limited.  If you would like information on upcoming classes for enrollment, use the form below.

Get Started

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